Inspired by THE INKLINGS

THE INKLINGS – an informal writer’s group in UK that usually meet at pubs to discuss story ideas. Most of their stories were mythical and involved elves, dwarfs, fairies, powers, and all the drama of the fight between good and evil. Some of the great authors – C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien – were part of the INKLING.

As I read Lewis Chronicles of Narnia, I began to see something fairly important in his work. I see now that it’s myth but in almost every respect, it speaks of reality but in a far louder voice than any of the most books that have reality as its setting and theme. Lewis’ book is myth/fantasy/ fairy tale, whatever you call it – with talking animals and secret passages to a different world. It’s myth BUT it’s truer than most fiction that holds realistic settings. It’s a child’s favorite book but it has more substance. It’s a great book for that matter. And I believe part of the factor is that because it is fantasy and real… and because it passed great minds (the inklings) before it was even written.

Inspired by this, I think I’m gonna consider writing FANTASY 🙂

And perhaps, consider being part of an “INKLING”  🙂 say, we create one?

Who’s one with me?

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