Innocent Man

The choices they made defines their ulterior motive in life. Every decision made prohibits the other. Every path taken obliterates the other paths. Decisions made better be the best choice. There is no going back. You can only go forward.

Kang Maru, Seo Eun Gi, Han Jae Hee, and Lawyer Park, these characters moved me, made me cry, made me hope, despair, angry, relieved, happy, sad, and best of all – made me felt that in this world, some people recognize the magical effect of sacrifice.

I slept 3:00 am that night/day. It was April 30, 2013 early morning. Everyone was asleep and I was silently  crying, silently filling my heart and my thoughts with all that I can absorb from the series I was watching. Every word said, every scene portrayed, I just can’t dare miss it.

One Innocent Man who gets tangled into the lives of two complicated ladies.

One Innocent Man who got himself entangled into the lives of two complicated ladies.

I don’t know exactly how to approach this post. This is not a review, a synopsis nor a critic. This is just me pouring my heart out saying that this series is heart-breaking yet every time I watch it, my day is full. Every time I watch it, I learn something new – and even discover some truths about my very nature. I love Kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi. Han Jae Hee even is not a hated character of mine. I believe she has in her a good heart. But wrong judgment in the past has clouded her judgments ever since.

Series like this. Series that majors on sacrifice. Series that unspeakably shouts the thought that A SACRIFICE can make a very huge difference in the life of many is the kind of series that stirs my thought – that breaks my heart. Perhaps because I too wanted to be a brave person like most of these characters. I too wanted to not be selfish. The sacrifice they made entails so much love that they forgot about themselves. The cup they drink is not really of suffering but of love that moved them to do things that is just explicitly beyond normal thought.

Kang Maru did that. Lawyer Park did that too.


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