Harry Potter series: my Mirror of Erised

mirror of erised.pngI

remember that scene in Sorcerer’s stone when Harry found out about the Mirror of Erised. There in the mirror he saw a reflection of him together with his father and mother who are both long dead when Harry was just a little boy. After days of coming and visiting the mirror to see his parents, he realized the magic of the mirror: it shows the viewer their deepest and most desperate desire. But according to Dumbledore, it shows neither truth nor hope and that people have wasted away in front of the mirror and some have gone mad.

Whenever I watch that part, it always occur to me that I am in the same situation as Harry is in at that scene. As Harry was watching the Mirror of Erised, I too am watching my own mirror of Erised. Harry Potter series has shown me a world that is full of wonder, learning that is full of surprises, duty and responsibility that truly is meaningful, and friendship that stands strong even in death or just simple task as having detention together. I’ve watched and watched and have really been so involved in this series. But like I said, it has become to me like a mirror of Erised. Although it may not reflect the deepest desire of my heart, it did embodied the dreams I have, the aspiration I have for wonder, adventure, bravery, and lasting friendships and a mentor like Dumbledore. Like the mirror of Erised, drowning myself in the wizarding world, will not change the reality of my world now – it neither shows me truth nor hope. What I learned from Harry Potter will be deemed useless if it does not affect how I live in this real world.

As much as I love this mirror of Erised of mine, I shall now close it, thank it, and I am to start living my life, with conviction and bravery.

Thank you, mirror of Erised. Thank you, Harry Potter.


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